Gr. 1 - 3

  • English Home Language (50 %)
  • Afrikaans 1st Additional Language (40 %)
  • Mathematics (40 %)
  • Life Skills (40 %)

Informal as well as formal assessment is used during the quarters to give learners a final mark per section. Gr 1 to Gr 3 learners do not write a formal test series or examination.

  • Assessments take place according to the revised CAPS document.
  • At the end of each term, reports are emailed to parents.

Pupils are given homework daily. The aim is to offer learners the opportunity to independently practice already mastered work related to academic skills. It is also essential that the recording of learned skills must be intensified to cultivate a disciplined academic responsibility in learners. This includes tasks, projects or learning work. It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure this is done and checked.

Progress of learners can be discussed with teachers through organized parents' evenings (one per term). Parent evenings are there to solve problems and find solutions that can help your learner move forward and overcome any obstacles. It is your responsibility as a parent to attend parents’ evenings dutifully.