General Bergie Dwergie Information

At Bergie Dwergie we run, crawl, roll, jump, climb, sing and play on our colourful playground to develop all our large motor muscles. In our Bergie Dwergie classes, our wonderful and smart teachers use the nicest educational devices to make our fine muscles flexible.

The Bergie values are instilled in our children from a young age and our qualified teachers help to build them. We learn about manners and good habits. Our Bergie Dwergies are motivated to be their own unique selves and discover and develop their personality. To make friends and treat them with respect, to express their emotions, to confidently walk into the Bergie Dwergie gate alone. This is what we are working towards.

We as Dwergies don't just like to listen to and read stories, we don't just like to talk but we are also proud of our language. Sometimes we use it for reading stories and other times for rhymes, for singing, arguing, and telling stories of what happened at home. We learn to be creative, and it opens so many doors inside and outside the classroom. Come share in our joy and become part of our Bergie Dwergie story.

Monday to Thursday Morning 07:30
Afternoon 12:45
Friday Morning 07:30
Afternoon 12:30

NB: Playing outside is already part of the day program. Please bring your child to school before 07:45 so that he/she can join the day's program in the meantime. Only an adult can drop off and pick up a learner. As a parent, you remain primarily responsible for your child. A little brother/sister is still a child him/herself and cannot take over the responsibility of the parent.

Only use the Bergie Dwergie gate. Gr R learners who go to Bergland's aftercare stay in their classes until 13:00 and from there go to the aftercare class.

All other learners must be collected by 13:00, and on Fridays by 12:30.

Contact persons at Laerskool Bergland
Tel no: 013 744 1959 PRINCIPAL Dr. JP Hugo
Fax: 013 744 1961 SECRETARY Me. Wyone Flewin
Email Send Email FINANCE Me. Marné Koen
To reach Bergie Dwergies you call the school's number from where you will be transferred to Bergie Dwergies.
Services We Provide
Social Worker / After School Me. Marena Buitendag 013 744 1959
Occupational therapist Me. Estelle Buitendag 082 870 3683
Speech and Language Therapist Me. Lia Odendaal 074 585 2078

School Fund: Gr R's school fund is compulsory and may not be overdue. If there are any fees involved in an activity, you will be informed of the arrangements in this regard.

Todlers can wear clothes that can get dirty so your toddler can play and mess around. An extra set of clothes in a suitcase every day just in case he/she needs them. Preferably barefoot in summer. All clothes and items must be marked with your child’s name.

Each class's class shirt is worn on Fridays and throughout the year.

The green Bergie Dwergie shirt is worn every Monday, during outings and on any other day as desired.

For lunch boxes, mugs and clothes (not larger than 38cm x 27cm x 14cm) it must fit in a drawer otherwise it is not usable.

We aim to hold 2 in and 2 outings per year. You will be notified of arrangements by letter. School pays all expenses.

Clothing with outings: Green Bergie Dwergie shirt and any pants. Shirt available at Rieba.

Every Friday, children may bring a treat in a lunchbox. NO sweets, chips, cookies, popcorn, custard, smarties etc. on other days please.

We celebrate birthdays. Please just arrange in advance with the teacher.

A cake that can be easily divided or “cupcakes” works well. Few sweets.

No soft drinks, balloons, or toys in the packages.

Written consent for administration of medication from e.g. bee sting, diabetes etc.

If your child is sick or really does not feel well, the child must stay at home. In case of infectious diseases, your child stays at home until he/she has fully recovered. 

Learners must have a doctor's letter as proof of absence if learners are ill, or a letter from a parent as proof of absence during school time.

Learners may bring articles that apply to the theme of the week and show and tell their peers about them. The Teacher will arrange which day it will happen.

For art. Send what we can possibly use to school, or as requested by the Teacher.

Term Program:

All Gr R activities are indicated quarterly on the Gr R term program. Changes may be made depending on circumstances of which you will be notified.

Term program is also available on d6 Connect.


Each class will have a WhatsApp group on which the Teacher communicates with Parents. This is not a chat group , ONLY for passing on information.

A Bergie Dwergie note is sent as needed. It is placed in the learners’s folder (along with a tear-off strip if there is one) which then must come back to school the next day.

Check your child's bag/book every day to see if there is any other communication from the teacher.

ADDRESS/TEL NO: Please let the teacher know immediately of any changes. We need to be able to always contact you, especially in emergencies.

Lunchbox Food:

Only put in enough food for two meals. No sweets or soft drinks - Only healthy brain food in a lunchbox please. Example: Brown bread, fresh or dried fruit, yogurt, peanuts, boiled egg, cold meat, cheese, vegetable stick, biltong. Filling on bread e.g. cheese, ham, cold meat, tuna, marmite, peanut butter, biltong, egg, cheese spread.

Toy Days:

Each child brings his/her own toy for the day. It will be passed on to parents when.

No toys on other days..

Head Lice:

It happens from time to time. Look at your child's head every day and please keep your own child's head clean!!!

Learners with lice and nits on their heads may not come to school until everything has been removed.

Parents' Evenings:

Parents' evenings are indicated on the Term Program. Appointments are arranged with parent pairs as needed, and after reports have been distributed.

Screening Tests:

Takes place at the end of the First Term. It is taken in group context (at the school). You will receive the reports in the Second Term during the parents' evening, during which the tests will be discussed with you. We recommend that all pupils are tested.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (Part of school program)
Monday KDA
Wednesday Chess & KDA Marco Craig 082 553 4633
Thursday Stimulus Maksima (Afr) Alwyn Myburg 082 460 6842
Friday Stimulus Maksima (Eng) Alwyn Myburg 082 460 6842

Access On School Premises

Toddlers are dropped off and picked up only.

Always greet your child before walking. Be firm, friendly, and confident in your actions. Don't drag out the goodbye, your child may take advantage of the situation or try to manipulate you. Advance arrangements must be made with your child and the teacher if someone else comes to collect your child. This creates security and safety for your child. Please keep to school times.