Bergland Primary School strives for Academic excellence. Our aim is to educate well-skilled learners from Gr R to Gr 7 so that they are ready for any challenging situation on their way forward. Our guidance ensures that they can make pure and correct choices. We believe in time, and this is what we try to give to each learner in the form of listening and learning. Bergland believes that Academics is the aspect that can be the difference in a child's future. Teaching is constantly being adapted to inculcate and enhance learning.

Bergland Primary School teachers are highly qualified and motivated. They have passion for our learners who is placed in their care. They care, help lay the building blocks for a colorful future, their share in the love and pain of our Bergie learners. They are the direction indicators and an example of understanding, respectability, the application of rules, sense of religion, love, hard work, humbleness, and service. They also believe that a deep relationship is established between them and the learners in the sense of respect, responsibility, safety, care, and trust. There is nothing missing from the professionalism of our Bergland teachers.

Gr 1-3

Gr 4-6

Gr 7